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3D printing technology has matured into industrial applications development priorities

2016 China Shanghai International 3D printing technology and supplies for the exhibition was held on May 16, the exhibition of the global 3D printing industry the latest developments, trends and other hot topics to explore for our 3D printing technology enterprises into the international market professional services platform. Agency expects the global 3D printing industry compound growth rate will exceed 27% by 2020, the global 3D printing market is expected to reach $ 21.2 billion, a huge space for future development.

3D printing, also known as "increasing material manufacturing," a technology that belongs to the rapid prototyping technology, the digital model file based on the use of powdered metal or plastic material can be bonded, by way of printing technology to construct the object. Compared with traditional machining technology, increasing material manufacturing is a "bottom-up" manufacturing method, the advantage is to quickly manufacture the precision parts of complex shape, thereby significantly shorten the processing cycle, the system more complex product structures , the more obvious advantages.

With the continuous upgrading of technology, 3D printing with its new manufacturing concepts and technology, is rapidly becoming an important direction of development of manufacturing technology. 3D printing as a cutting-edge, guiding the Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, will lead the traditional mode of production and production processes of change, it is expected to be to promote a new round of industrial revolution power source.

Data show that annual compound growth rate of global 3D printing products and services revenue was 27.3%. Among them, 2014, the global 3D printing products and services output value reached 4.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 35.2%, the market size in 2015 reached about $ 5.2 billion. 3D printing and global market potential is constantly exceed expectations, forecasts that by 2017, 3D printing market will exceed $ 10 billion, is expected to reach a CAGR of 33%. Currently, the global 3D printing market mainly in North America, Europe and Asia and other regions, the cumulative installed capacity accounted for about 95% of the world. In addition, well-known before the desktop 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot, the world has sold more than 10 million units of 3D printer in which more than 40,000 units are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, across the 3D printing industry has become a major landmark.

Agencies believe that the next few years, China's 3D printing market will reach a CAGR of 40% over the same period the global market growth rate. By 2019, the market scale of China is expected to reach 20 billion yuan. At present, 3D printing (increasing material manufacturing) industrialization is still in its infancy, compared with developed countries, there is a certain gap, not yet formed a complete industrial system, larger space large-scale industrial and engineering applications.

Last February, the Ministry of Industry, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a "national increase material manufacturing industry promotion plan (2015-2016)", the development of 3D industry has made overall plans. In addition, this year April 21, the national increase material manufacturing (ie, 3D printing) Standardization Technical Committee was established in Beijing, the establishment of the committee will strengthen standards development, implementation and services 3D printing field for promoting increased material manufacturing standardization to promote growth material manufacturing technology and industrial development of great significance. With the support policies to speed up the increase in material manufacturing and standardization will enhance the competitiveness of China's 3D printing technology and products, domestic equipment companies will also usher in rapid development opportunities.


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