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3D printing industry is in urgent need of core competence

It is reported that the fourth session of the 3D printing technology industry conference and Expo will be from May 31 to June 2, in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition held, world 3D printing technology industry alliance global Council members will attend the meeting, more than 100 enterprises will focus the most cutting-edge technology products exhibition. In 3D printing technology is more and more popular by the whole society and the capital of the moment, 3D printing outlet is coming? 3D printing industry is taking place what changes?
"Currently, the 3D printing industry reflects the two characteristics. First, metal printing technology has been subversion. The latest metal printing technology, which has no need of laser sintering, can realize the rapid prototyping of metal powder by supersonic powder feeding. This technology can be directly printed on ordinary steel tubes, such as magnesium, tungsten and other special materials, the accuracy is very high, the performance is very stable. Secondly, in the field of research and development, China and Europe, the concept of a great gap, the European general is through the improvement of materials to enhance the stability of the equipment and new features. And domestic R & D institutions are often through the application of special funds to purchase a large number of special equipment, through a simple transformation of the production of their own equipment." China 3D printing technology industry alliance executive chairman Luo said, which exposed the utilitarian features of domestic R & D institutions and enterprises, and foreign R & D institutions is often from basic research and development of not quick success, most of them have adopted and equipment manufacturers cooperation continue to push new products.
In fact, compared with the concept of 3D printing hot, 3D printing application market is far from mature, in the field of industrial, medical, cultural and creative, construction and other large-scale applications have a long way to go. "Factors restricting the development of 3D printing is mainly reflected in three aspects: one is the current industrial 3D printer, bio medical 3D printer equipment cost and material cost is generally high; second, the traditional business model restricts the promotion of a wide range of 3D printing technology; third is a serious shortage of talent." Luo said that the current international and domestic 3D printing industry basically are not realized profits in general, and this time is often the best time to intervene, but avoid the herd.
3D printing as a very advanced technology, need the support of core technology, our country development of 3D printing technology to want to catch up with the others, you must have two conditions: one is the international first-class R & D personnel, the second is strong capital investment. "Now the domestic engaged in desktop printer production enterprise has more than 100, many of which are not technical advantages, and engaged in the metal printer business has more than 15, also did not form the real core competitiveness." Luo Jun believes that at present, there is no real industry leaders 3D printing industry, the world's largest 3D printing enterprises output value is less than $10 billion, over the next five years is the 3D printing industry re shuffling of the opportunity, I believe, there will be a group with the real core competitiveness of the enterprise was born.
In fact, 3D printing technology itself is not stagnant, with the continuous development of the application market and technology change, the cost of equipment and material costs are expected to decline in the next 3 years three or four. In 2015, the global 3D printing production value is 50 billion yuan, according to China 3D printing technology industry alliance is expected to 2020 global 3D print output value is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan.


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