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Venture new outlet takeoff usher breakthrough 3D printing

Speaking of 3D printing, it is indeed a new field of science and technology filled with new colors. But domestic 3D printing in the industry, but still far behind other countries, this is what causes? Liu Kuang that the main reason caused by the following aspects.
1, materials science aspects, although some practitioners believe that restricting domestic 3D printing technology with the development of material and no significant relationship, but the contrast of printed material domestic and foreign materials, we will find the gap. At present, both in material performance, stability, or other aspects of the applicability of all there is still much room for improvement, there is no formation of industrialization.
2, currently in the country, 3D printing equipment products for different materials, can separate print, that is to say, when printing, first print out various shapes of parts, and then to process and assemble by hand, this is very cumbersome . 3D printing device can only make a single product forming material.
3, in terms of equipment, domestic equipment in terms of performance compared to the United States, Germany and other developed countries have a lot behind, especially in some of the key core components, domestic almost empty, only introduced from abroad. At the same time, the software also needs to be improved and strengthened.
4,3D Print electronic system components, such as chip class, we need to involve different kinds of materials, this time could not do. While for the production of many parts, the energy consumption is also high, efficiency is low, resulting in high cost.
But from 2013, the country set off a wave of 3D printing of wind since, many companies have flocked to the field of 3D printing, and a considerable part of the enterprises to obtain a good development, and technical acquired certain break and starts to 3D printing applications in various fields.
Venture new outlet Takeoff
So many companies with 3D printing technology in different fields to get a good development, illustrates the huge market potential of 3D printing technology. Of course, for most entrepreneurs who, in the 3D printing technology you want to have a bright future, not so simple.
This is the biggest brunt of the storm is encountered technical problems. This requires domestic schools, institutions and even governments to strengthen the 3D printing technology and to develop design talent, only to solve the problem of talent, technology problems will be solved.
The second problem is the communication and educational 3D printing technology, three-dimensional Long long as mentioned above, and its desire to 3D printing technology spread to every family, it needs necessarily requires a long process of adaptation and dissemination.
At the same time, the policy for the 3D printing technology entrepreneurs should give some support and encourage the development of independent intellectual property rights of the 3D printer and a specific material for medical aspects of 3D printing technology, also have a certain degree of control, including improving medical equipment supervision and management regulations to strengthen the management and regulation of the industry, encourage innovation and translational like.
In summary, Liu Kuang that although the current domestic 3D printing technology there is a gap compared to other countries, the popularity and use of 3D printing technology can take some time. But as more and more enterprises technological achievements obtained in the field, they will jointly promote the development of domestic 3D technology, and the development of far-reaching impact of many related industries. 3D printing technology of the air is coming, for the majority of entrepreneurs, which would be a new opportunity.


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