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Scientists developed similar 3D printing materials with human bone components

About 20 years ago, Professor Pilliar Bob began looking for alternative materials for synthetic bone. Once, plastics, metals and ceramics has been considered to be the latest and best materials for joint replacement, but ease their pain to the patient and the recovery is a prerequisite, that is, these materials can not be lasting. Pilliar is known as the father of Canadian ceramic materials. Now, with hand in hand with two other researchers, has become the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Toronto, biomaterials and biomedical engineering college professor emeritus of Pilliar found can be used to make future implant natural ingredients. To replace artificial knee and hip joints, his components must be biodegradable, durable and tailored to the characteristics of the patient.
Eventually, the researchers found an effective formula for the presence of calcium phosphate. This powder is composed of composition and human bone in the same mineral composition, it comes from the American seed giant Monsanto has to give up the development of a can be biodegradable materials. After some research, Pilliar and his colleagues believe they have found the right compounds to create bone replacement materials, after which they only need to find the right way to make it.


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