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New 3devo desktop industrial extruders promise to slash 3d printing costs and environmental impact

Dutch company 3devo has launched what it claims are the world’s first industrial desktop filament extruders, which should help slash the costs of commercial grade filament.

The 3devo NEXT 1.0 and 3devo Advanced provide many of the benefits of a large format extruder with a small form factor that could make either one more attractive for small businesses or committed hobbyists that want to cut their 3D printer filament costs in the long term.

The NEXT costs $3,370 (€3,100) and the Advanced starts at $4,300 for the black powder-coated version, with both prices excluding sales tax and shipping. SO it’s a sizeable investment, but for serious hobbyists, business users or research institutes then it shouldn’t take long to recoup the initial expense and we expect this product to find a market.

The Blank Anodized and Black powder coated 3devo NEXT and 3devo Advanced, front and side view respectively.

Using either regrind or industrial virgin plastic granulate, both can have a significant impact on your 3D printing costs and even cut the cost of the finished products for the end user. They both measure just 50.6x21.6x54.0cm, too, so they’re small enough to fit on most workbenches and they won’t take up half the workshop like some recycling systems.

They both come with a self-regulating filament diameter control system that ensures a consistent output that stays where you set it, which can be anywhere between 0.5-3mm. It comes with a diameter sensor that is accurate to 43 Microns, too, which is tight enough for most applications. You get a cooling system for high-speed extrusions, presets of PLA and ABS and the chance to change the settings on the fly. The filament winds on to a spool automatically and it even comes with sensors to reduce the chance of dry running.

The 3devo Next 1.0 is aimed at committed hobbyists, smaller commercial 3D printing outlets and universities that want to cut their costs by up to a factor of seven and lower the environmental impact of their additive manufacturing work. It’s a win-win, because using recycled materials and shredding their own plastics to create new ABS or PET products can lower the cost of 3D printing filament to as little as $0.55/lb.

The ability to produce 3D printer filament at this rate could change the way we all approach 3D printing as it means we can afford to let our imagination run free, safe in the knowledge that we have the means to recycle misprints or just old 3D prints. It takes the reins off your 3D printer and means there’s a constant supply of low-cost, high-grade materials at your disposal. You can even experiment with combinations of plastics to create the perfect filament for the task at hand in terms of tensile strength, flex and even the finished look.

The 3devo Advanced is aimed at universities, researchers, plastics companies and 3D printing specialists that want to produce small test batches or low volume runs of new filament compounds. It’s for companies that really want to push the limits of filament technology by creating new grades or even an entirely new plastic compound by mixing virgin or recycled plastics together to create stronger, more flexible or durable products.

With an extruder sat right beside them, researchers can constantly experiment with new types of filaments and simply recycle them after noting the results. The 3devo Advanced can create up to 1.5kg of commercial-grade filament an hour and that makes it a potent ally when it comes to developing new filaments or simply creating specific compounds for demanding applications.

The 3devo NEXT has three separate, independent heating zones and a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Centigrade, while the 3devo Advanced can go up to 450 degrees Centigrade and comes with four separate zones. That means the 3devo Advanced can handle materials like PEEK and other high-end engineering plastics that come with a higher melting point and it also comes with a mixing section in the extruder screw that can allow for precise compounding and gradient work.

We like these 3devo products and we’re sure they’re going to find a home in the 3D printing world. Everyone from hobbyists to professional organizations need to cut the cost of their 3D printing and recycle their old prints and materials.

Now you can integrate this desktop unit into your workflow and create your own filament at home and we think it’s a surefire winner.


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