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Translation machine

  • Intelligent speech translation machine W2
Intelligent speech translation machine W2

Intelligent speech translation machine W2

  • The size of screen:2.4 inches
  • The kind of Networking:4G mobile network,Wifi
  • The size of product:134*13.5*57.5mm
  • The kind of translate language:35 language
  • Product description: Intelligent speech translation machine

The intelligent speech translation machine has a2.4 inchhigh-definition capacitance screen, and the text and voice can be presented simultaneously. It integrates four big voice recognition systems (Baidu, Google, Microsoft, etc.), works through WiFi or 4G networks, with a translation accuracy of 97%, and can now translate 35 national languages (and then automatically upgrade, and translate more languages). In addition, its appearance is not only exquisite and compact, but also simple in fashion. This is a very convenient and practical translation machine, it can be applied to different fields, for example, learning, tourism, meeting, interview, booking, shopping and so on!

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Contact:CoCo Tan(director of foreign trade)




Add:1st Floor, Block A, Zhenhua Industrial Park, No.64 Heping Road ,Qinghu Community, Longhua new district ,Shenzhen,China.

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